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Rich in history and art, it is situated in the Bay where Mont Vesuvius forms the backdrop to the city. A Greek colony in the 5th century and in the 6th century, flourishing during the Roman empire both as a port and as national holiday resort. The quarters of the old city maintain their Greek-Roman net-shape almost intact with eventual baroque and medieval buildings.
The most important monuments are: the Castle Maschio Angioino in Piazza Municipio, built in the 13th century and rebuilt by Catalan and Tuscan artists in 1400; the Royal Palace in Piazza Plebiscito; the National Archaeological Museum containing materials from the Vesuvian excavation sites, as well as works in marble and bronze; the Museum Capodimonte that exhibits works of the Renaissance and baroque masters; Castel dell'Ovo, used in the 12th century as a prison; the Cathedral of Saint Gennaro and the Charterhouse of Saint Martino.
Known in the world because here the "Pizza Margherita" was born, Naples is a city having many different colours and many different sides, renowned for the character of its people who say "See Naples and then die".

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